Weight Training Mistakes

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Posted by Chris

3 Most Common & Dangerous Weight Training Mistakes!

Newbies to weight training often times are so excited to start working out so that they can build some muscle that they do not educate themselves enough upon proper weightlifting technique and in so doing so they put themselves at risk of injury. If you are not willing to do the necessary research to ensure you are performing the exercises safely and correctly then you should hire a personal trainer.

Mistake # 1: Using Momentum to Lift the Weights.

The most common mistake of the inexperienced lifter involves using momentum to lift the weights instead of the intended muscle. For example, when performing the bicep curls you might cheat by using your body to help to lift the weights instead of isolating your bicep muscle thereby lessening the chance of inducing hypertrophy in that muscle. When performing the bicep curl your shoulders should be still and all the stress should fall upon your bicep muscle to carry the weight upward and if this is not possible it means the weight is too heavy and you need to reduce the weight. Lifting heavy weights with incorrect form will not build muscle so lower the weight to one in which you can make use of proper form. You not only sabotage muscle growth when you perform exercises incorrectly but you increase the pressure on your tendons and ligaments which can cause injury. Therefore, for the sake of your health as well to ensure progress in the gym you should exercise with proper form at all times.

Mistake # 2: Not Warming Up Sufficiently and Skipping Cooling Down Exercises.

It is a huge mistake to jump into weight training without having sufficiently warmed up. “Cold muscles” are easy to injure so it is best to perform light cardio whether it is five minutes of jogging, walking, or skipping to get your body conditioned before partaking in weight training activity. A lot of injuries have resulted from jumping into a strenuous workout in the absence of a sufficient warm up period. Just as important as warming up are cooling down exercises after a workout. These cooling down exercises usually take the form of static stretches for the muscles that have been exercised. Special attention should be placed upon your breathing to get your heart rate and breathing back to normal as halting exercise too suddenly prevents blood from flowing back to the heart resulting in disastrous consequences for your health. Cooling down exercises should therefore form an essential part of your workout programme as well.

Mistake # 3: Holding Your Breath.

The most dangerous mistake you could make when lifting weights is to hold your breath. Never on any occasion should you intentionally stop breathing as this could result in fainting or blackouts. It is essential that you breathe so that your muscles can be supplied with the necessary oxygen it needs to function. When you hold your breath while lifting you increase blood pressure levels in your chest cavity and major organs that can have a deleterious impact on your health. It is recommended that you exhale during contractions (the hardest part of the lift) and inhale during the relaxation (the easier part). For example, when performing the bench press you would exhale when pushing the weight upwards and inhale when bringing the weight back down to your chest. Bear in mind you should not arch your back when performing the bench press.

Final Thoughts

Many times proper technique is not given the proper attention it deserves and this is unfortunate because this is what guarantees progress as well as prevent injury. Take the time to learn the fundamentals of weightlifting or seek out professional guidance to ensure that you use correct form every time. In the long run your body will thank you.

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