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Posted by John

What is No Xplode?

Many of you will have heard of No Xplode from another gym junkie coming into the gym with incredible pumps and strength and wonder what he is taking (or if he's taking anything "illegal"). For those who haven't heard of it, let me enlighten you. No Xplode is a legal gym supplement which, when taken before training, will give you more energy and increase your pumps and gym workouts ten-fold. Some people say it's like a few shots of red bull straight into your veins. You feel so much more energetic after taking it!

Why take No Xplode?

Many people complain that at the gym they aren't getting the results they want. They come in day after day, week after week and still don't get the pump or the muscle growth they want. This is usually down to plateuing, when you do the same routine but just can't seem to get past a certain weight or rep range.

Well, the only way round this is to mix it up! Confuse your body! By adopting something even marginally different, you can see very good results in just a few days. While No Xplode doesn't do all this for you, it can take you half way there, helping you put in the extra effort needed to smash those arms and produce the tears in the muscle fibers. This is, after all how muscle grows.

Will I see results?

I can't say for sure that YOU'LL see results, since everybody's different. However, I can talk from my own personal experience. I have been lifting for 3 years and 6 months ago, I hit a plateau. No matter what I tried, what I ate, I just couldn't seem to get past that sticking point of 130kg. I'd heard about No xplode on the forums some time before but never thought to give it a try because I felt that I didn't have to. This was a good time to try it out though.

I bought my first tub and immediately got to mixing 2 scoops with water. I timed this an hour before I was due to work out since No Xplode only kicks in after 1 hour. (Some people take 2 though). When I chalked up and hit that bench, I was already feeling the rush and tingling under my skin (it dilates your blood vessels) and to my surprise I managed to hit 145kgs!

Now mind you, I was still eating 6 good meals a day and taking my whey protein so you will still need to be good with other parts of your regime and diet to see gains - not to mention just train f***ing hard! It's no substitute for eating, sleeping and training right but if you're feeling that you're hitting a wall in the gym, or you're just looking to get faster gains, I'd recommend No Xplode.

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