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Mark Wahlberg: Natural Bodybuilding – Real or Not

Mark Wahlberg, a beloved actor known by many, a bodybuilder and also ‘Marky Mark’ but we’ll get back to that another time.

Did he use: Yes or No?

He was born in Massachusetts in 1971 and began his acting career in 1989. Wahlberg is well known mostly for being in the movies such as The Italian Job, The Fighter, Planet of the Apes, The Departed, Pain & Gain and, what the younger generations will know him for, Daddy’s Home. Pain & Gain is where many people started to make note of Wahlberg’s body and size, especially when he is cast alongside Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’.

Wahlberg’s body over the years has had to evidently change, sometimes drastically. It all depended on his roles in movies as you will learn later in this article. As his roles in movies change so does he. Going from a Calvin Klein pants-dropping rapper singing about “Good Vibrations” to a well-respected actor, Wahlberg was bound to make many changes along the way.

Now many have said, and many have started the rumour, that Wahlberg has taken steroids or supplements in order to make him gain more weight and look like he has more muscle while training for certain roles. This rumour most definitely was started during his filming of Pain & Gain, and when it was reported that Johnson and Wahlberg were working out together for six hours a day each day during filming for this movie it further pushed the rumour of Wahlberg’s steroid use.

The rumours turned out to be true, to an extent, as Wahlberg himself revealed the news on Jimmy Kimmel Late Night Show of taking supplements for his roles.

Here’s why he did it….

When Wahlberg started training for Pain & Gain he was 165lbs and obviously needed to gain weight for the role and whilst in the last few months of doing this movie he was doing three other movies that also required certain gains in weight. Each of these movies was different ranging from weight gain and weight loss all in the matter of a few weeks of one another.

For his first role, Wahlberg had to become super thin. Then when he started training for Pain & Gain he had to gain as much weight as he could and then lose it all in thirty days for the next role. Wahlberg was going from 165lbs. to 212lbs. and then went back down to 180lbs. in the thirty days and then went into SEAL training for his Marcus Luttrell film. He had ten to twelve meals a day and many supplements.

Wahlberg’s representatives have stated though that Mark has never used steroids to help enhance his weight gain. It has been all from supplements that he has used from GNC. He has even come up with his own brand with GNC that he has marketed. Though that hasn’t stopped people from speculating every time the subject comes up whether or not Mark Wahlberg has used steroids. The only person who really knows if this is true is Mark himself. But that doesn’t mean we can’t guess.

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