How to Set Goals for Bodybuilding

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Posted by Alex

Understanding Your Goals

Some of you visiting this website may be doing so, because you want greater strength & physical power or perhaps to boost your self confidence. It may be that you are not happy with your appearance and desire a more muscular defined body. Alternatively, your primary goal may be to improve your body to aid your performance in a particular sport. Whatever your goals are, bodybuilding and strength training can aid you to achieve this.

In order to be successful when bodybuilding it is important to have clearly defined goals and stick to them. Goals help you keep your mind engaged and focused on your end objectives. However bodybuilding is a long term commitment and results wont happen over night, its your own determination and ability to stick to your goals that will make you be a success.

A lot of bodybuilders measure thier goals by;

1. Gaining a certain amount of muscular body weight in a specified time frame.

2. Achieve a certain amount of weight in one or more of your major lifts in a specified time frame. E.g. add 20Kg to your bench press over the next month.

3. Decrease your body fat down to a certain number in a specified time frame.

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