High Protein Foods for Bodybuilders

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Posted by Paul

The best protein rich foods to help build muscle

If you are trying to build or maintain muscle growth it's vital to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it requires in order to develop and grow. Here are four protein rich foods that should be part of your bodybuilding diet:

Chicken & Turkey Both these types of meat provide a much greater amount of protein and less fat than your ordinary red meats. Furthermore, they also contain much less saturated fat making them a great addition to your diet for a healthier meat option. Chicken breast contains almost 35g of Protein per 100 g of meat.

Nuts Although nuts really don't appeal to me as an appetising snack, they do contain an abundance of high quality protein and good fat for your bodybuilding diet. Both peanuts and almonds are both good high protein rich nuts.

Fish Incorporating fish into your regular diet will help deliver another great source of healthy protein and also as an additional bonus they are high in good Omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines & salmon are two great types of fish I would recommend. Cod in particular contains almost 65g of protein per 100g of fish.

Low fat milk Milk is a great source of Whey protein and casein. Additionally, it provides all the required components suitable for a post-workout drink, including a high quantity of water to help keep your body hydrated.

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