Healthy Foods for Fat Loss

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Posted by Tony

Healthy foods to eat when trying to lose weight

It’s a simple equation when it comes to losing weight eat less food and do more physical activity but it can still seem like one of the hardest things to actually put into practice. Never have sweets looked more tempting or savoury snacks smelled so good as the day when you commit to dieting. However, with a little careful forethought and planning it can be relatively simple to introduce some simple rules for sensible eating. The aim is to provide your body with delicious and nutritious foods that are designed to fill you up and keep your body in tip-top condition as you lose weight.

Can fats be healthy?

Many people believe that simply cutting all fatty food out of a diet is enough, but in fact this is the wrong approach as fats are not necessarily bad. Trans-fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils should be avoided as these have health implications and can cause harmful cholesterol in the body. Cream, butter and fatty cuts of meat should also be strictly off limits, but some fats are actually very beneficial to us. Monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and Omega 3 oils are all vital to our good health and wellbeing, with some even believed to lower cholesterol levels.

To ensure your diet has a good supply of these beneficial fats, try to eat a diet high in avocado, oily fish, flaxseed oil and virgin olive oil.

Good carbohydrates and protein

Many fad diets suggest cutting out carbohydrates altogether, but although weight loss results from this approach, the results are usually short-lived with the dieter putting the weight straight back on again when carbs are reintroduced. In fact our bodies require carbohydrates in order to function properly, although it is important to choose good quality sources for maximum benefit.

Whole grains including wheat, rice, barley and oats should be chosen over refined products which have had some essential nutrients removed. Whole grains help to keep the digestive system in good working order and, crucially, help to control blood sugar levels and this can help to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

For good sources of protein choose lean cuts of meat, remove skin from poultry and choose low-fat options of dairy products. Better still, choose soya alternatives to dairy products as soya is higher in protein and lower in fat than dairy foods.


Remember to treat yourself throughout your diet. Sweets, chocolates and other food treats may be off limits but everyone needs to treat themselves to stay focussed. Like shoes, jewellery fits while you are dieting and after you have reached your goal weight, these are treats that last.

Not everyone would agree that fruit and vegetables count as treats but they are hugely important to a healthy diet and many have a sweet flavour. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to keep our bodies functioning perfectly. Better still, they are low in calories. Dieticians recommend eating a ‘rainbow’ of fresh fruit and vegetables, as the different colours are responsible for different essential nutrients that our bodies thrive on.

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