Bulking Up During Winter

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Posted by Admin

Thinking of bulking up this winter?

Many bodybuilders use winter as an opportunity to bulk up. This basically means putting on muscle over the winter by increasing the amount you eat and training with heavier weights. However, it's often very easy to gain too much body weight and excessive body fat which won't look good when you're on the beach next summer. Here are 3 quick tips to help you bulk up correctly and maximise your gains:

Decrease your cardio Limiting the amount of cardiovascular and aerobic exercises will stop you burning calories unnecessarily. Some cardio may be beneficial to help you bulk but too much will start to inhibit your bulking.

Eat lots and regularly – Increasing the amount of meals will help provide your body with the additional nutrients needed to grow. This may mean eating up to every 2 or 3 hours.

Consume additional protein Taking advantage of additional protein supplementation will ensure sufficient amount is provided to allow for new muscle growth.

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