3 Day Workout Split

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Posted by Admin

Hi Guys, Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year! To kick the year off please see my January workout of the month below. Although the gym will be packed with the normal selection of part timers with their New Years resolutions, don’t let this put you off your workout, they never last long haha. Looking forward to hearing how you all get on.

3 Day Split Workout

Working out three days a week is one of the most effective ways for a natural bodybuilder to workout. Do the following routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Day 1:
Squat (8-10 reps)
Leg Curl (8-10 reps)
Hyperextension BW (8-10 reps)
Sit Ups (8-12 reps)

Day 2:
Bench Press (8-10 reps)
Incline Dumbell Press (8-10 reps)
Millitary Press (8-10 reps)
Lateral Fly (8-10 reps)

Day 3:
Deadlifts (8-10 reps)
Pull Ups (8-10 reps)
Bicep Curls (8-10 reps)
Shrugs (8-10 reps)

Please let me know how you get on with this one in the comments form below.

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